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We help successful and rising professionals stand out and show up ​through bespoke gifting for clients, peers, and loved ones.

hello, friend.

who we serve

We serve clients in a variety of fields from all over the ​country, but they have a few key things in common...

our clients want to show deep appreciation in personal and

professional relationships.

our clients invest in elevated experiences and understand the ​importance of details that others may take for granted.

our clients have experienced and believe in the power of gifting to ​transform and deepen personal and professional connections.

our clients want to save time and focus on other things that are ​important to them without sacrificing their personal touch.

how it works

As your gift concierge, we handle your gifting needs from ​concept to delivery, ensuring an efficient and effective ​process that results in gifts that feel intentional and ​authentic for both the giver and receiver. One investment ​retains our gifting services for a 12-month period.

Number One in Circle

At a cadence that works for you (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly), you’ll ​complete a short, electronic questionnaire for each gift recipient. We use ​targeted questions to obtain information about the recipient, the purpose and ​goal of the gift, your gift budget, and a target date for delivery.

Number Two in Circle

We get to work conceptualizing, creating, and selectively sourcing gifts for ​each individual recipient. Within 7 to 10 days of receiving your questionnaire, ​we submit a gift proposal for your review and approval, followed by an ​invoice. Once the invoice is paid, your work is done.

Number Three in Circle

We gather the gift items and package them to ensure an elevated presentation. ​We handwrite a personal note for each gift on your behalf (you provide the text ​in step 1), and we’ll provide you with shipping updates.

When it’s all said and done, you will have invested about 10 or 15 minutes of ​your time in a gift that will pay handsome dividends in stronger relationships, ​loyal clients, and new opportunities.

what our clients say

We like to think of this as proof of our commitment ​to elevated, efficient, and effective services.

I love that you took time to understand me, my relationship with my ​clients, and what would fulfill what I was looking for. ~LaVar S.

I had confidence knowing I made the right decision. The end result ​brought me as much joy as the people receiving the gifts. ~Kya M.

Great vision, easy to work with,

beautiful execution. ~Ericka G.

Charlene thought of all the details and special touches ​and was a true collaborator. ~Alexandra B.

I didn’t need to give much direction to ​make my “ask” happen. ~Brandi R.

we’ve worked with…

our work

intrigued? let’s chat!

I know there are a lot of gifting options to choose from, but I think we’ve got ​the winning edge that will make you and those you gift to feel like MVPs.

“Generosity,” as Ghandi taught, “consists not of the sum given but in the ​manner in which it is bestowed.” Our approach to intentional, bespoke gifts ​for each individual recipient honors this sentiment.

I’d love to learn more about you, your gifting needs, and how we can serve ​you and those you care about. I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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Shine. For you are light and wonder. For there ​are galaxies within you and stardust dances in ​your soul. Stars live in your eyes, and glory and ​grace live in your bones. You are beautiful. You ​are light and wonder. You shine.

~Gaby Compres


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